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October 2009

Quit J-School, Start Jet-Setting

October 12, 2009
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In addition to swine flu, the United States is suffering from another strain: consumer-fueled journalism. Symptoms include an overwhelming desire to read celebrity gossip, a loss of appreciation for quality writing, and an unwillingness to buy newspapers/magazines. Does an antidote exist?

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Facebook Is Cool Until, Like, CNN Mentions It

October 9, 2009
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I like went to to read what they had to say and, yo, mainstream media is so lame. They, like, catch on to everything cool when it, like, stops being cool, and then they, like, make a big deal out of it. And then old people get excited and, like, they want to know, “What’s a Twitter?”.

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Twittering Away the Time

October 8, 2009
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Honestly, I don’t think employers should block these websites. If the employer notices that an employee’s productivity is compromised by the use of these websites, perhaps the employer should ask themselves why the employee is substituting work time with social networking time. I think social networking is healthy, and staying connected to the world is even healthier.

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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a Blogger?

October 7, 2009
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If you ask me now what I want to be when I “grow up”, I wouldn’t have a good answer. Right now, I just want a full-time job, one that pays me enough to allow me to move out of my parents’ house. In general, what I want to be is a writer, editor, and creative go-to girl, but I probably won’t be those things at a glossy magazine. So I do those things in my spare time.

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Blog Post Sponsored By

October 5, 2009
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Have you ever been influenced, positively or negatively, by a product review on someone’s blog? If so, have you ever wondered if a blogger’s testimonial was influenced by the company? Today, Associated Press reported that bloggers will have to “clearly disclose any freebies or payments they get from companies for reviewing their products”.

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Public Relations, Pronto!

October 2, 2009
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One thing I notice about public relations is that you have to be able to think on your toes in a professional manner as quickly as possible. In a mile-a-minute economy, the early bird that keeps the most feathers while in flight gets the worm. Public relations works best without red tape.

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As I Recall, I Think We Both Kinda Liked It

October 1, 2009
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I overheard a conference call that a business owner was having with a client, and I noticed how important small talk really is. I could tell this business owner was a football fan because he started talking about games and players. Business first, football second. The business owner and client shared a common bond.

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