Interactive Customer Service, FTW!

by Laryssa on 10/21/2009 · 2 comments |  Subscribe

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Twitter is a social networking tool that few really use to its full potential. Why? Well, Twitter’s purpose is not clearly defined. What is the point of a tweet? Twitter is different for everyone.

When I’m working at the computer, I keep TweetDeck open and type any 140-character thought that comes to mind. I also use Twitter to ask technology-related questions, gather input for my blog posts, ask for recommendations, connect with my Twitter friends, and interact with my favorite brands! For me, Twitter is something fun and free.

I truly believe that Twitter could be used best as a customer service tool. The ability for customers to interact with companies and vice versa is probably Twitter’s best feature. I have connected with customer service departments in a number of ways, all positive.

Companies that utilize Twitter to its fullest are really going above and beyond, interacting with their customers on a personal level and making them feel special. Even the largest companies can connect with the individual. Here are three examples of tweeting companies that I admire:

Mozy: Mozy is an online backup and file storage service that I found using Google. I was looking for a service that lets me back up my files online and then transfer them across platforms. Mozy seemed to satisfy all my criteria!

After purchasing a subscription and using a 10% off coupon code (OCTOBER) that I found online, I downloaded the Mozy Desktop software and started my backups. So far, the backups are running more quickly and efficiently than the ones I ran with ADrive (the service I originally purchased), and the interface is easy to use! Mozy even gives me an estimate of how much time I have left (about four days to backup 28,000 files).

I Tweeted about how happy I was with the service and received two responses this morning. The first was from Mozy: “@ryssiebee Let me know if you need anything or have any questions!“. To be honest, I was so happy that Mozy noticed my tweet! If I have any questions, I know exactly who to contact. The second response was a re-tweet from @jefffishburn (PR for all things mobile, enterprise, security and other tech; avid outdoor dude): “RT @ryssiebee: @mozy Thank you! Everything is great so far. :]“.

Zappos: Zappos already has a great reputation as an online retailer, but they go above and beyond by commanding a Twitter presence! A few weeks ago, I was searching for a very specific pair of boots using Zappos very detailed search feature. When I narrowed down my search to two pairs of boots, I tweeted about them and hoped to receive feedback from my friends.

My friend Jennifer tweeted me her opinion, and we tweeted about the pros and cons of each pair. Well, Zappos saw my tweet too! They took a very personal approach, writing to me as if they were a friend: “@ryssiebee The Roxy Niagra.. I like those ones!! THey are even cuter in person! :]”. I re-tweeted the Zappos tweet to Jennifer, and we were happy to receive personalized feedback.

Tropicana Casino: The Tropicana Casino is one of my favorite places to stay when I visit Atlantic City. Though it’s not the most luxurious hotel, the Tropicana is budget-friendly and has some great restaurants and shops. A few days ago, I happened to notice this tweet: “The Quarter has So many delicious choices for dinner,“.

I really like Cuba Libre, a restaurant located in the Tropicana’s Quarter, and I responded with an appropriate tweet. Cuba Libre, which also has a Twitter account, noticed my tweet and re-tweeted it: “Thank you! RT @TropicanaAC RT @ryssiebee: @TropicanaAC Cuba Libre is my favorite!”. Both the Tropicana and Cuba Libre do a great job of utilizing tweets written by fans – this is a great method for effective public relations!

Have you had a really great, remarkable, or even terrible experience with a company that uses Twitter? I’d love to heard about it. Please post your own experiences in the comment below.

Mozy Fan 10/22/2009 at 5:49 am

Grats you happy with Mozy, it’s working backup solution. :)

Courtney 10/22/2009 at 9:30 am

Tropicana is so glad you are utilizing and finding our Twitter page useful! We would love to hear any suggestions you may have to continue to make our social media pages more mainstream for our guests! Thank you very much for your positive feedback! Keep up your good work.

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